An experienced, committed and passionate freelance 3D Visualiser

Based in Mayfield, East Sussex, I have over 15 years freelancing experience creating high quality 3D Visualisation material.

I create Photorealistic Still Imagery, Animations and Walkthroughs, Virtual Reality Environments (both Object and Panorama), as well as providing other computer graphics services including; DVD Creation and Authoring, Video Editing, Vector Graphical work, AutoCAD drafting and Software Training.

I am able to serve my 3D Photographic Visualisation skills to almost any industry area, but to date most of my clients have been Architects, Interior Designers, Property Developers, Designers (Furniture, Product, Exhibition, Jewellery), Innovators, Inventors, Artists, Sculptors and Advertising professionals.

I am as passionate, driven and conscientious about my 3D work today as I was nearly 20 years ago when I first fell in love with the magic of creating photorealistic 3D imagery with a computer.

And to this day I still love the challange of creating the most stunning 3D Photorealistic Visualisation material I am capable of - all with the aim of making my clients say "Wow !".

I simply love being of service !

Quality 3D Photorealistic Imagery - to visualise your designs and ideas at their best

"What's it going to look like ?"

Before spending time and money physically making an office interior, a multi-million dollar building, a unique product, or an innovative idea or invention that will change the world, it makes great sense to be able to visualise it beforehand.

By first creating a 3D representation of a design and placing it within a 3D virtual environment, views from multiple angles can be created, and modifications including material finishes and changes to its form may be swiftly and conveniently made - before any money is spent on producing it for real.

3D Visualisation material which is photorealistic and as physically accurate as possible will not only help you achieve your design objectives quicker, but will also do so more cost-effectively and with a lot less stress.

And when pitching your ideas and proposals to your clients - having quality rendered 3D Visuals that are a cut above your competitor's can determine who is awarded the work.

Each day I get to play with my favourite toys

To get the most out of my favourite 3D software I also use the very best and latest computer hardware - fast i7 4930k processors running at 4.25Ghz, 32Gb of fast ram, 12Tbs of hard-disk space and dual 27" monitors - my geeky idea of heaven !

And in partnership with the largest network rendering farms in the world, giving access to literally 1000's of computers, all ready to assist with your 3D creations - projects are completed in the swiftest turnaround times possible.

Simply put that means the efficient and most cost-effective delivery of higher quality 3D render visualisation material to you.

Using legal software means I can be relied upon to deliver your 3D visualisation material safely, securely and without delays or glitches.

Quality Photorealistic 3D Visuals - Affordable to Everybody - Anywhere - Worldwide !

Remote working is not only a fact of modern life, it makes perfect business sense. No need for specialist in-house staff, training, equipment purchases, or valuable office space.

Simply use me when you need me !

And my prices are not only competitive, but my quotes are fixed as well - so the price I give is the only price you pay.

Skype is the remote-worker's dream. Not only does it enable free communication with anyone across the world, but the reception quality is usually clearer than conventional telephones as well. Operation is usually performed hands-free, leaving participants free to simultaneously send texts, web links and files. But best of all is the ability to share screens. That way, design concepts, ideas, and work progress can all be seen live simultaneously whilst being discussed. Just like working physically side-by-side.

My Skype Username is Jez_Emin.