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Jez EMIN - Property Photographer

There are a few words I'd use to describe how I approach creating the finest, most stunning property photographs I am capable of.

Artistically, with a true photographer's eye for composition and detail.   But tirelessly and with passion, are the adjectives I'd want to impress most.  Simply not quitting until I have captured the emotion I know and can feel is there.  Your property has a heart and soul and my work is to ensure I capture it at its most beautiful.

I cover assignments across the whole of England as well as undertaking property photography commissions worldwide.

To view samples of my other photographic work, including genres of travel, photo-journalism, people and places, or to purchase my latest book, "Brighton Rocks !", please visit, my other website.


Jez EMIN - Mayfield, East Sussex, United Kingdom.





+44 (0)7500 979 111

+44 (0)1825 831 843