About Me

“There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs” – Ansel Adams

Master Photographer - Jez EMIN Self-Portrait - 2010

Master Photographer

Jez Emin

I’ve always believed there is a photographer in all of us, for we each have our personal viewpoint from where and how we see and perceive our world.

So my images aren’t spectacular in any particular sense, they are simply my captures of my world at the time I chose to use my camera.

And I don’t always choose to use my camera, photographing anything and everything and all at 30 frames per second. There must be a concept, or a theme, otherwise I’m happy to leave my camera in its case until one is developed.

I believe I can do landscapes and for that genre I am particularly drawn to the wonderful work of Michael Kenna.

But I think the purpose of my photography lies more in the domain of photographing people – living life and being natural. Social Documentary. Perhaps I’m simply an observer of life, with an image recording device….

I first got interested in photography as a hobby in the early 1970’s around the age of 15. Back then, as a shy and sensitive child growing up in the big city of London, I would brave the streets of The West End, alone, to take pictures of total strangers…. I shudder even today as I look back in open mouthed admiration at how that shy little boy was able to step out of his comfort zone and attempt to succeed at that.

Unfortunately I was totally out of my depth in terms of people skills and technical ability, as well as the pocket money needed to stock up on the rolls of film, developing chemicals and photographic paper on which to learn… So my interest was to fade after just a couple of years, choosing to pursue a more safer, academic career instead.

But I always knew there was a photographer in me….

Now, many decades later, and with the advent of the Internet and Digital Photography helping make learning quicker and more affordable (as well has having lived life a little in the meantime, so I’m now less shy), I am back once again, capturing images of people and life, resuming the work I got distracted from all those years ago. A journey of self-discovery, photography for me is a form of therapy, meditative even! Especially when one is connecting with people, nature, life….

The images you see here on this website represent the small body of work I have created during this renaissance period of mine, and will be added to as ideas and themes are developed and pursued.

If you think you could use my style of photography for a project or idea you may have, or you would simply like to get in touch and discuss my images, or anything in general, it’d be great to hear from you.

Thank you, and I hope you find my photography enjoyable.